About This Chick

42. Married. Started late in life. Boys ages 6+9. Substitute paraprofessional/Substitute high school teacher, amateur landscape photographer, garden fairy godmother, wannabe hiker and explorer.

I have made so many mistakes in life, I’m still making them, but being kind and helping people is my forte. I’ve always made sure everyone else came before me and took care of everyone else before myself. About 2 years ago I broke free from selflessness and started to take better care of myself.

I’ve found passion in landscape photography. I’ve also rediscovered the New Hampshire I knew as a child from spending time in the lakes region every summer. I spend as much time as possible in the White Mountain National Forest and exploring NH State Parks. I love to hike but I’ve been limited to three seasons. This January I completed my first winter hike. I loved it. I found new beauty and inspiration in every post hole. (Bastards). I am excited to see more snow-covered mountain tops, one Peach’s breakfast at a time.

As for the ever-changing size of my arse, I’ve always been tall. My weight has always fluctuated. I was in great shape last summer and had some set-backs (medically and emotionally) that assisted me in gaining about 60 pounds. I’m headed back down, but it’s a slow process.

Every step uphill in the beautiful sunshine or the snow flurries is also a slow process. Add sweat (I am a horrible sweater, any time of year, any weight), finding the right gear to keep my body dry and in safe temperature zones is a challenge. Add wide hips, big boobs and a Buddha belly, good luck finding appropriate gear in the right size. That’s why I’m on here-to share my experiences as a chubby, sweaty, big-boobed, bigger booty, (beautiful, of course) hiker chick.

I’m going to be upfront and honest in my explanations. Although I am a lady, I do drop a few questionable vocabulary words but all in conjunction with my adventures. I am human.

Just like everyone else, we come in all shapes, sizes, colors, packages. All bodies are beautiful. But all bodies on top of a mountain are usually in expensive gear, looking at your red, sweaty face and wide ass, as if you’re Rodney Dangerfield walking into the country club in Caddyshack.

I welcome all feedback except for hate or shame speech. While you may be athletic and in perfect shape, I bet you have a sister, brother, mother, auntie, friend that is horizontally challenged.

Sad but true, the fat hiker is like big foot… now let’s find some pants that won’t let that chub rub chafe your ass!



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